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To Erase and Re-Record, Press Three... • 2018 rpg

Davey Zerbst • no link

A voicemail game for two, unfolding as a series of missed connections.
Give yourselves names, relationship, locations. 
Each has a need the other doesn't fulfill, at least initially.
Maybe your characters talk or see each other in person, we hear only the messages...
Write your greeting.  Each call begins this way.  Greetings may change over time.
Messages could be years apart.  Maybe in tight clusters. 
To initiate each message, the listener pushes the playback button on their imaginary machine. Enact or narrate moments before if desired.  React as you listen.  
There's no particular turn order for calling. 
After messages, sender recites: "Beeeeep. To accept your message, push One. To delete your message push Two. To erase and re-record your message push Three".  
Listener controls senders choice!  Indicate numbers silently with fingers.  Four signals an accidental send. 
Each delete or re-record, sender takes a token.  Spend five to introduce a new development!
When re-recording say it differently or say something different. When re-listening adjust your reactions.  The last message becomes real.  
Maximum of 2 re-records or deletes in a row. Break this rule sometimes. 
Cut short greetings and directions whenever appropriate. 
Continue to a satisfying denouement.  
Epilogue:  What becomes of you?

Author Comments

“The 200 word constraint has become my crucible of choice for boiling down a game concept to its essence. Some of the games that have been so distilled have been reconstituted into more elaborate concoctions. This game may forever stay near its present size. Its a small game with definite constraints on play built into the conceit. It’s compact size seems fitting. A big thank you to my friends at Seattle’s RPG Workshop! Your feedback has been awesome and…”
“Beeeeeep. Your message has reached the maximum allotted size. To erase and re-record, push three…”

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