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Super Quirks • 2018 rpg

nTronz •

You dream of becoming a world-renowned superhero. One problem: Your power is more a quirk. No telekinesis. No flight. Instead you are...

Stinkmouth: Power of Super Halitosis.
Deadman: Power to convincingly fake death.

One player is the Supervillain, responsible for creation and control of an evil persona, agenda, and scenario.

Remaining players create heroes with weird quirks, forming a group of misfits attempting to foil the Supervillain. Each hero starts with 4d6, each die representing 1 willpower.

The Supervillain describes the scenario. Heroes narrate their actions starting at HQ, going to the scene, and confronting the villain. Play continues in an open-ended, storytelling format. 

All heroic actions require a willpower roll (all die required):

Any 1: Failure, -1 willpower
Any 6 (with any 1s): [See "Any 1"] and gain a Narrative advantage
Any 5 or 6 (without 1s): Success
All die same number (exception 1s): Success, gain 1 willpower
All else: Failure

Heroes narrate successes and failures. Heroes with no willpower are unconscious. Heroes may bolster each other with a speech, passing one of their willpower to another hero.

Supervillains may only force heroic rolls with their actions (require dodging), or narratively move the plot forward.

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