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Say Those Sweet, Sweet [d6] Words, Baby • 2018 rpg

Diana Fontanilla •

The world is falling apart around you and you are trying to communicate with your partner over a barely working communication line.
You have 5 texts each. When you want to send a text, roll a d6 and use that many words to convey that message.
What do you wanna use these words for? You can try to find each other, you can try to figure out what's happening, you can try to tell them how much you love them before it's too late. It's your choice.

You have 15 minutes. Set a timer. And start texting.
When the timer is up. You might die or you might find each other. The important question is, are you happy with what you chose to do? Did you say everything you wanted to say?

Author Comments

This is my first ever game that I’ve posted publically anywhere and I’m glad this challenge gave me an exscuse to finally finish something!

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