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Babble On • 2018 rpg

Ben Scerri •

Babble On is a magical place. Everything is support, friendship, love. Any number gather in a circle, on Discord, anywhere-voice or text.

Decide on a turn order: Left around a circle, top-to-bottom in a channel, with dice...whatever.

When it's your turn, announce one, and answer the prompt:
- #all-talk: What don't they know about you?
- #tv-and-film: What are you digging right now?
- #the-table: What RPG is rattling inside you?
- #speak-that: What's troubling you?
- #the-gallery: What have you seen that stunned you?
- #sweet-jams: What song is playing in your head?
- #reading-news: What's got your attention?
- #original-sin-den: What do you desire? How thirsty are you?

End your turn with a tag:
- /rant: No one can reply. You say your piece.
- /advice: In order, everyone has the option of giving advice, or their own suggestion.
- /support: In order, everyone has the option of lending support, but no advice.
- None: In order, anyone can say anything on the subject. 

When turn order returns to the start, hand off to the next person.

Have a drink of water; stay hydrated! Hug it out if needed/wanted.

We begin again. New turns can't reference old turns.

We play until content.

Thanks DC <3

Author Comments

This 200WordRPG is dedicated to the most wonderful place on the Internet: A Discord server called Babble On.

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