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Are you real? • 2018 rpg

Dominic Bender •

Are you player or character? Are you calling the shots, or is someone else rolling for you?

This game is not played at a table but in real life. As you go through your day, ask yourself:
Am I interacting with players or NPCs?
What skill am I currently using?
Did my player roll well or not?
Do you feel they played out your actions, or did they skip ahead?

In the evening, take a couple of minutes to write down the day you had - from the perspective of your player.
Ask yourself why they made the choices they did - how do they want to develop you?
The best roll they had - like when they had you write a 200-word-RPG and rolled really well on their performance check.
Vice versa, their worst roll.
What class and archetype are you?
Did you level up?
And is this still backstory, or the adventure proper?

For a multiplayer experience, share these entries with your friends and discuss the dynamic of the group that plays you. Try to find out what their game master is like from what they throw at you.

The best part: you can play as long as you like!

Author Comments

Thanks for checking out my entry. I would love to hear what you think!

You can find a few more thoughts and musings on this concept here:

And remember to Be Inspired!

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