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The Scoop • 2018 rpg

Baylee Miller • no link

One player (The Scoop) describes a mystery: a crime, victim, scene, and some physical evidence. They're questioned by the other players (Detectives). The Scoop voices witnesses, suspects, and the environment. Any player can craft reality; a Detective could notice a bar and question the bartender. The Scoop would play the bartender.

The Detectives share a shuffled deck of playing cards minus JQK for investigating leads. The Scoop has an equivalent deck for determining responses. 

For every interaction with a scene or witness, The Scoop draws the top card of their deck and keeps it secret. If the witness is guilty, double the value. This is the value to beat. The Detectives flip one card to interact and can add a second to examine/interrogate. High value wins. Ace beats anything but if both sides have an Ace, The Scoop wins.

Detectives win: The Scoop's helpful (evidence, insight)
The Scoop wins: The Scoop's misleading (red herrings, lies)
Tie: dead end--nothing interesting

At any time the Detectives can accuse a suspect. If they're correct, they win! Otherwise remove 5 cards from their deck. If the Detective's deck runs out, the trail's gone cold; the Scoop wins and reveals the mystery!

Author Comments

Thanks Derek, Nick, and Kevin for feedback on this game. A couple other thoughts: difficulty could be scaled by adjusting the contents of the decks, and Jack, Queen, and King could be used to trigger or track certain types of events…

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