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Guest of Honour • 2018 rpg

Will Kinchlea • no link

Today, you have all met for one reason: you await the arrival of the Guest who has been marked for death. You have a conversation while you wait. 

Everyone will have a turn to answer five questions in order, with discussion following from all players:

How did you meet the Guest?

What do you most associate with the Guest?

What was your most intimate moment with the Guest?

What happened the last time you saw them?

What's your secret?

Each turn, flip two coins: the tone coin shows positive or negative feelings and the truth coin will dictate whether you are answering truthfully or if you accept other's answers.

Each associate will start the game with five tokens. As each turn ends, you must give at least one token to anyone you feel brought the most to the table. At the start of each new question, add another two to your pile.

When the Guest arrives at the end of the questions, the player with the most tokens will perform one action, followed by everyone in order of tokens. If you kill another player, their turn goes next as their last act. 

When everyone has acted, end the scene together.

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