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Night of Decisions • 2018 rpg

Arne Handt •

30-60 minutes

You need
Per player: pen, four index cards, glass, cork
Champagne or substitute

Agree on a setting where strangers can meet over a drink.

Everyone writes on cards
1) a noble goal
2) a weird habit
3) a grand desire
4) a dirty deed

Distribute cards randomly among players, one of each number per player.

You are dissatisfied, because 3) is unfulfilled, also you tend to get into trouble due to 2). You decided to give your life meaning through achieving 1), which lead you to commit 4).

Develop characters secretly.

You all meet by chance, spend an evening drinking together, and finally make a life-changing decision.

The game is played in three acts:
1) Arriving
2) Revealing secrets
3) Making decisions

At the beginning of each act put corks in the middle and refill glasses. Toast to the Night of Decisions. Act ends when all glasses are empty. No refilling during the act. 

Any time anyone can take a cork and give them to any player, unless they have a cork in front of them. The recipient puts the cork down as marker, takes a sip out of their glass, and makes a confession.

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