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I Am The Demon That Thou Hast Summoned • 2018 rpg

M Grant •

... and thou art a Magician whose heart doth ache: it aches for that which fate hath denied thee, outside thy grasp (but not outside mine). Speak aloud thy heart's desire.

Thou art skilled, Magician, and if my counsel doth offend, thou mightst banish me with but a wave and farewell. If so, we should count us losers both.

I shall question thee, Magician, and offer thee advice, upon which action shall lead thee to thy heart's desire. Thou needst not follow mine counsel and may askest after another path, but I shall humor thee only thrice.

Beware, Magician, for though my offers be true, I am a creature of deceit. I carry 'pon me, writ, the sin that is my nature, and my advice may tempt thee to it. If thou takest mine counsel, thou mightst guess of my nature: gluttony, greed, envy, pride, lust, sloth, wrath.

If thy guess be true, Magician, I shall count myself defeated by thy clever bargaining. If thy guess be missed, and we agree thy chosen path doth bringeth thee unto my sin, then I have won and thy soul be mine. Should we disagree, I shall twist thy heart's desire 'gainst thee.

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