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The Witch's Familiars • 2018 rpg

Nuno Teixeira •

A wicked Witch is preparing an important potion for her devious masterplan.
You've destroyed the last ingredient but are given one final task out of mercy: Find. More.
You'll need at least two players: a Game Master (GM) and a Familiar.
The GM sets the scene and calls for rolls. The ingredient can be whatever you want and it can be in a farmer's basement or in a dragon's lair! 
All familiars act according to four core STATs and different bonuses: 
Body: Physical actions.
Mind: Strategy and guile.
Luck: Wacky plans!
Magic: All arcane craziness!
You have four familiars to choose from:
Cat - Body+2 | Luck+1
Bat - Mind+2 | Body+1
Spider - Luck+2 | Magic+1
Wisp - Magic+2 | Mind+1
Whenever a Familiar acts, they roll a d6+Bonus (the GM chooses what STAT is appropriate). The action succeeds on a 6 or higher. Weave failures into the story without being too harsh! 
The Magic STAT is an exception. On Magic rolls, a 4 or higher succeeds. Nonetheless, the Familiar's bodies can't undergo such arcane duress, the second time you fail a Magic role, you disintegrate and are out of the game!
Have fun being silly critters!

Author Comments

A big thank you to all my players at for helping me out with spell checking and word count limit :)

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