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Unofficial Superheroes • 2018 rpg

Amy Waller •

You used to work for United Superheroes Inc.  You were a public superhero, fighting supervillains and protecting innocent civilians.  You also made public appearances, endorsed products and gave interviews to boost the company's image and bottom line.  They dictated every aspect of your life.  You were a resource to them, not an independent person.  But now you have broken your contract with them and gone freelance.  They are very unhappy, and have publicly branded you a supervillain. 

You have two of the following powers: Absorption, Animal Control, Energy Blast, Element Control, Flight, Natural Weapons, Regeneration, Shapeshifting, Shield, Super Strength, Telekinesis.  Tell everyone your name and why you hate United Superheroes Inc.

When you wish to act and the outcome in in doubt, roll 2d6.  If the total is 6-9 you succeed, but you don't manage to impress anyone.  If your total is 10+, you succeed and manage to win the support of people nearby.  If you are using your powers to defend civilians, roll 3d6.  If you are acting to oppose United Superheroes Inc., subtract 2 from your roll.

Prove to everyone you're not the supervillains United Superheroes Inc. says you are.  

Author Comments

This RPG is very influenced by the Velveteen vs. series by Seanan McGuire

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