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Rules as God • 2018 rpg

Rhys M •

A game of interpretation.

The Rules are God.
These are the Rules.

Thou art the Divine Collective.

Thou art Divine.
Thou shalt not lay a hand upon the Divine.

The path to success is through Divinity.
The Unworthy shall fail.
Thou shalt ask the Divine Collective for judgement if thou doth try anything that may have consequences.
The Divine Collective describes the nature of your success or failure.

Thou shalt punish the Unworthy as is right.
Once punished, Unworthy become Divine.
The Unworthy shall follow the Divine and seek Divinity.

Everything the Divine does is Ritual.
If thou doth not follow the Rituals, thou art Unworthy.

Thou shalt speak boldly of how thou doth interpret the Rules.
If the Divine Collective accept an interpretation, it is a Rule.
If not, thou art Unworthy.

If thou art curious about the Movements of the World, ask questions of Fate.
Witness the answers of Fate in dice, cards, or other divinatory tools.

Thou shalt write down Important questions and share them.
Important answers shall be revealed along the Path.

Carry the Corpse of God to the Holy Land.
Unless the moon aligns, and thou art Truly Divine.

Author Comments

I was interested in the difficulty of clarity when you condense an RPG down to 200 words. Even in regular RPG’s, there is a lot of dispute around how rules should be interpreted. I tried to gamify that interpretation of rules here. I was struck by the parallels to religious commandments and how they are interpreted, hence the theme.

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