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Operation Dinner Out • 2018 rpg

Donogh McCarthy •

A black-ops team have a coded conversation in public about that time in Vienna

Pick a name for your agent:
Also, assign one of the names to The Boss, and one to a recently deceased team member.

Pick a role for your agent <their special ability>
The Leader: charismatic, headstrong <Corporate Speak: ignores court card restriction on Spades>
The Lancer: grizzled, deadpan snarker <Snark: once per game can subvert someone else's detail and ignore 

court card restriction>
The Smart One: clever, nerdy <TechnoBabble: ignores court card restriction on Diamonds>
The Big 'Un: strong, silent <Menacing Undertones: ignores court card restriction on Clubs>
The Heart: balances and manages <Soothing Tones: ignores court card restriction on Hearts>

No-Dealer Blackjack - Keep playing til everyone has stuck or gone bust. The lowest sticking player gets the 

bill, going bust means blurting something need-to-know out in front of civilians. 

Add a detail to the story for every card. A court card means that the waiting staff are close and the 

details being discussed have to be couched very carefully.

The detail corresponds to the suit played
Hearts: personal entanglements
Clubs: physical violence
Diamonds: high-tech gear
Spades: paperwork

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