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Kingdoms Legends • 2018 rpg

Tomasz Misterka • http://fu.netla.pl

In this game every player is a kingdom in a strange land.  Their decisions connected with playing cards will create stories. 

Name and describe your kingdom.
Clubs: Magic, Knowledge
Diamonds: Espionage, Trade
Hearts: Religion, Relations
Spades: Engineering, Force
Talk about political connections with other kingdoms. 

Draw CHALLENGE of the year card. How your kingdom PLANS to solve it? Choose color. Draw the cart of FATE.
Look at colors of CHALLENGE, SPECIALIZATION, PLAN and FATE cards.
Every color double: 1 success
Triplet: 2 successes
Quartet: 3 successes
Every WEAKNESS color remove one success

Tell story about it all. Use additional successes on other kingdoms - help or harm by adding / removing successes. Tell story together. Change political connections.
If zero or less successes save the card of challenge. Return it for one success in next year. When you collect 5 cards your kingdom falls. Create new.
When all stories are told - next year begins.

CHALLENGES (interpret them creatively):
2: Barbarians (example: diamonds - attack caravans or spying borders or...)
3: Monster(s)
4: Element(als)
5: Gods
6: Rebellion
7: Conspiracy
8: Plague
9: Prophecy
10: Discovery
J: Invention
Q: Phenomenon
K: Demons

Author Comments

I would like to thank the group on FB “Tworzenie gier fabularnych” and in a special way Aleksandra Sontowska for helping me improve this project.

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