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Guards! • 2018 rpg

Geoffrey Kimball • None available

You are not the hero, you are guards. You guard a McGuffin for 8 possibly boring nighttime hours. The GM describes the McGuffin, setting, location, and provides a map. Suggested genres include; horror, action, fantasy, or mystery. 
Guards have genre appropriate equipment.


Take playing cards, draw 2 for each stat, can exchange. Face-cards = 10:  Move, Spot, Fight, Willpower.


Trainee - Move +3, Fight +1, Use 2 cards for action.
Spotter - Move +1, Spot +3, see GM cards first.
Sergeant - Spot +1, Willpower +3, 1 action, locate anything.
Armed - Fight +3, Willpower +1, replace picked card after reveal, discard old card.


Give players one 13 card suit.  GM has full deck. 
6 actions/hour.
When GM needs an action, participating players pick 1 card (or none), add stat, can work together.
GM picks 2 randomly/player, wins ties. Reveal cards simultaneously.
Highest score succeeds, losers take difference to stat and Willpower.
Discard revealed cards to "pile," shuffle.
Winners describe action.

At 0 Willpower lose all cards. Guard faints for 1 hour unless rescued by another guard, regains all Willpower.
Guards randomly draw 3 cards from "pile" each hour or 1 action break.

Survive without losing the McGuffin.  

Author Comments

Thank you for the opportunity to flex one guard’s creative muscle.

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