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Burning Boardrooms • 2018 rpg

Aaron Lomas •

You, the players, are the kind of people that don't get to be heroes on TV.
The person running things is the CEO. They'll call the cops.

Decide which 'corp you're hitting, and why. 
The CEO narrates the world's actions. You narrate yours.
Cause trouble. Run from the cops. Go home.

Distribute five dice across these Stats. It doesn't matter what dice they are.
Chrome is for using your cyberware.
Body is for punching, running, etc.
Mind is for hacking, speaking, etc.
Lose a Stat dice if you get hurt - take it back if you get help. If you have none left, you're dead.

Pick three Skills you're good at (one dice), and one Skill you're great at (two dice).

The more trouble you cause, the more Scene dice you get. Your CEO will decide how many, between one and three. Once the cops arrive, you get zero. It's time to leave. 

Roll dice from (Stat + Skill + Scene). Odds equal one hit. 
Roll one less if it's hard or you're at a disadvantage. 
Zero hits fails. One gets you success at a price. Two gets you it without. 
The price might be your;

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