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Competitive Game Design • 2018 rpg

Christopher Corradini •

You and 2-3 other people are Game Designers
It is time to make a game

Write Down a Vision, it should be lofty and hard to achieve
Ex-this game will make you forgive your father, this game will teach evolution
Write down a Hard Line, it should be unreasonable
Ex-this game can have no combat, this game cannot use paper

Take turns adding your Idea to the game
When you are done explaining your Idea the other Designers can ask one question about it. Answer them honestly.
Each other Designer who feels your idea goes against their Vision or dangerously close to their Hard Line may compliment your idea and then change it to their liking, taking partial credit for the Idea.
Once all the Designers are satisfied, write down the Idea
The next Designer may now introduce their Idea

Once you have as many Ideas written down as there are Designers, the game is released.
Gain 1 Validation for elements of your Vision present in the finalized Ideas
Lose 1 Validation for each Idea that includes your Hard Line

The Designer with the most Validation is the best

Author Comments

Inspired by an ill fated meeting where we tried to design a mech game, thanks to Shana Foldes, John Norry and Mike Tepper for putting up with all my hard lines. Thanks as well to Spencer Hughes for editing all my garbage and Colin Peacock for additional assistance.

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