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Intervigilum • 2018 rpg

Christopher Schnorrbusch • no link

Divide 13 points between Truth, Love, Courage, Sword, and Honor. No less than zero, no more than four per stat.

Truth: Mental stat. Wits and brains.
Love: Social stat. Charisma and speech.
Courage: Non-combat physical stat. Athletics and acrobatics.
Sword: Combat stat.
Honor: Fuel for paladin powers.

Choose three one-word powers. Examples are below.

To do anything that runs a risk of failure, roll 3d6, discard one die (your choice), and add your appropriate stat. 10+ succeeds at your task.

THE CATCH: Two of your dice are white. One is black. If the black die is one of your kept dice, gain one Dark.

All paladins have 10 Health. At 0 Health, cross the Black Gate (death).

At 10 Dark, become a Fallen. Fight the paladins.

To use a paladin power, say what you want it to do, spend 1 Honor, and make an appropriate roll (DM's call.)


Opposed Sword rolls to fight, tie goes to the attacker. Successful attacks deal difference plus leftover die in damage.


Permanently lose 1 Honor to remove 1 Dark.


Honor recovers between scenes. Health recovers with Truth or power.


Awe, Challenge, Cure, Litany, Sanctify, Sense, Smite, Ward.

Author Comments

You are questing paladins, dispatched by The Order. Your tools: Sword and round shield. Chain mail and coif. Truth, Love, Courage, and the Light.

Drive back the Dark and defeat the Fallen.

If you desire, to advance your paladin: Roll 1d6 per non-zero stat. Exceed your current value to increase it by 1 (max 6.)

Thanks to /u/pjnick for suggesting the “choose any two” mechanic instead of “use the two best dice.”

Greets to /r/rpg_design, the Coterie (Allen, Adam, Bryan, Chrissy, Cory, Damien, , and Matt), and the Goons.

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