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Trinity Dice • 2018 rpg

Grayson J. Conagher • no link

In this system, there are three dice; d10, d6, and d4. Each die will be attached to a stat: DEXTERITY, (range combat, dodging, stealth) MIGHT (close combat, lifting/moving, blocking), and SOUL (magic, skills, interaction). Enemies will run on the same set of stats. 

If a player rolls the highest number they critically succeed (bonus effect on the action they performed), 9-4 (d10), 5-3 (d6), and 3 (d4) are normal successes, and anything lower is a failure.

Players can have up to three weapons/shields/magic attacks.

There are three weapon types, heavy (has 8 damage, and a 1 turn cooldown), medium (has 4 damage), and light (has 2 damage, uses DEX). Weapons can have bonus effects, such as enemies receiving -2 on dex rolls. Shields will reduce damage from enemy attacks when blocking.

Magic has three types, support (usable on players), singular target, and multi-targeting (hits anything in its path). Using magic requires mana, your energy count is determined by DEX + 2. Each magic attack has a Mana cost. Each spell's Mana cost is decided by the GM.

Health is determined by MIGHT + SOUL, x2 for players, multiplier for NPC's range from 0-10.

Author Comments

I wanted to create a simple but robust RPG system.

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