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The Seed • 2018 rpg

Taom Sakal (taoistfruitbat) •

The seed grants one wish and one curse. The greater the wish the greater the curse. 

THE SEEKERS must find and destroy the seed. (1 for every 4 players)
THE KEEPER must pass on the seed. (1)
THE DREAMERS must obtain the seed. (Everybody else)

Randomly and *secretly* distribute the roles. Each player grabs an object. The object the keeper chooses is the seed. Start a fifteen-minute timer. 

Eat food, hang out, trade objects. Talk of the seed and what you'd wish for. 

At time:
    1. Each non-seeker holds and wishes upon an object. 
    2. Each seeker kills one player who they think holds the seed. (This can include themselves.) 
    3. The keeper announces which object is the seed.
    4. If the seekers are correct they win and the seed, holder, and keeper are all destroyed.
    5. Otherwise the holder's wish is granted. The keeper decides a fitting curse.

If the holder is the keeper or nobody then the keeper dies; if a seeker then they get no wish, only a curse. 

Each person writes down a character (ex. "Snotty Ambassador," "Mighty Wizard," "Talking Dog"). Randomly assign these. Players must now roleplay as their character.

Author Comments

I’d wish that my wish doesn’t come true.

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