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Fairytale Fubar • 2018 rpg

Lester Smith •

(3 to 7 players) Shuffle a poker deck. Cut for high card. Jokers are zero. Winner is dealer and invents a fairytale quest the group will pursue (kill a dragon, rescue a captive, find true love, etc.). Deal each player seven cards; the rest become a draw pile. Turn up the top draw card to start the story. Suits represent attributes: Spades/Grace; Clubs/Brawn; Hearts/Will; Diamonds/Wits; Jokers/every suit. Players each lay any card from their hand face down, then reveal simultaneously. Discard those that do not match the current story card suit. The player of the highest remaining card (if any) describes a scene to match the story card attribute, how valiantly their character succeeded, and how the terribly the lowest remaining card's character (if any) fubarred. (Jokers always fubar.) Players whose cards matched suit score one point; the "valiant" player scores two. The fairytale ends in a climax with the seventh story card. The character with the most points wins and becomes court Champion; the one with the fewest loses and becomes court Jester; tied characters kill each other in a duel; any other characters are forgotten.

Author Comments

Thanks, Christopher Reed, always and forever.

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