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Monarch • 2018 rpg

Josh Labelle •


GM-less game of politics, petty squabbles.
2-6 players.
Pencils, paper, six-sided die


You are Advisors propping up the ruler of a crumbling kingdom. 

On blank paper, draw outline of kingdom. Jot details as you go.

In corner, draw box labelled "Revolt".


Each player takes Turn issuing decree. On your Turn, choose category:


Describe decree, establishing details of world. (Ex: "Military" -- "expand to overtake village to west.")


Debate decree. Each Advisor decides whether they Second or Object.

Note details about your Advisor. A pacifist one Turn would not Second military aggression the next. Develop grudges.


Roll die to determine Outcome, +1 for each Second, -1 for each Objection.

1. Total CALAMITY. Describe how Gods show wrath. Add two marks in Revolt box.

2. Moderate CALAMITY. Describe how a faction shows displeasure through violence. Mark one Revolt.

3-4. Decree fizzles. Describe how.

5-6. PROSPERITY. Describe pleasing outcome. Draw new resource on map. Erase one Revolt.

If decree ends in Calamity, next decree must be in reaction to its Outcome.


When ten Revolts are marked, discuss how monarch is overthrown. Describe what happened to your Advisor.

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