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Wish You Were Here • 2018 rpg

Clio Yun-su Davis •

Two players and a facilitator sit in different remote locations. You must communicate via video recordings. The video must not be live. You can't have live video when one person is on Earth and the other is on Europa.

Character A and Character B met on the dating website Constellation which connects people who specifically want a relationship with someone planets away. The facilitator works for Constellation and is conducting an end of relationship interview. This is required for A's subscription to Constellation to be terminated. Speaking without Constellation is impossible.
Characters A and B take turns sending videos in a group chat answering the facilitator's questions. A is on Earth, B on Europa. They've been together for three years.

Here are questions for the facilitator to ask via text in the chat. Ask others as you see fit. The more invasive and painful, the better.

A, why do you wish to terminate your subscription?

B, why are you keeping your subscription?

To both:

Why did you decide to use Constellation initially?

When did you know you wanted the relationship to end?

Are you really okay with never speaking to each other again?

The facilitator ends the interview when appropriate.

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