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The Dream Thieves • 2018 rpg

Jim Dagg •

Kiesha is asleep, and having a nightmare.  You, her loyal Dream Thieves, are sworn to help bring her peace.  But in so doing, you must preserve her dream's purpose -- as a lesson, portent, etc.

Vision Phase
Take turns describing something about the dream, saying one sentence and passing to the right, until everyone has a vivid picture, and there is a clear, present problem for the Thieves to solve.  Describe the dream through the lens of hyperbole, symbolism, surrealism, and emotion.

Thief Phase
Describe what you change, in the dream world or otherwise, to address the problem, partially or completely, then ask the player to your right a loaded question about your actions: "Why does this confuse Kiesha?"  "What does Kiesha portend now?" "Why do I stop just short?"  Assume the Thief's action works as intended.  If the answer leaves no problem, start another Vision Phase, starting with the player on the answerer's right.  When finished, the player to the Thief's left starts a new Thief Phase.

Once everyone has taken at least one Thief Phase, anyone may call an end to the dream by saying how they wake Kiesha in their Thief Phase.  How does she greet the day?

Author Comments

Thanks to Kate Bullock, for helping me realize a concept from what was once just a title.

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