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Spiral Travellers • 2018 rpg

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Spiral Travellers: A time/dimension travelling game


Write down what dimension/time period you're from. Write down something you're good and and bad at.
You have ten seconds to write down as much equipment as you can. After that, you're free to write down some
info. (Like name, age, etc)

Start off in whatever time/dimension you like. When a player tries to do something, make them draw a spiral on a sheet of a4 in 3 seconds.
Count the lines, including the middle. If they have enough to pass, the succeed. If they don't, they fail.

Easy: 4 lines
Average: 8 lines
hard: 10 lines

count up all the lines they've got up through the game. If they have a good/bad thing, then that's +1/-1 line, but DON'T count it/take it away from the amount you're counting!

When someone has got 40 lines counted up, it's time to go to another time/dimension.

Author Comments

Combat is done through success. Want to punch someone? Do the spiral! If you fail in a deadly situation, you die.

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