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Machine: the Secret-Keeping RPG • 2018 rpg

Calahan Janik-Jones •

PCs: survivors, nomads, revolutionaries in a robotic, dystopic, fascist Machine.


GM: tell the PCs about the world, and why it is unjust, how they can escape. The Machine is powerful because it knows all. Let them get there, but make it hurt.

PCs then write: a Secret, which the Machine wishes to know. Be dramatic but brief - think murder, romance, crime. Don't tell. 


For something tricky, roll 2d6. 

6- you're hurt. When hurt, you need help from another PC to do something tricky. Two hurt and you're dead. Your secret dies with you.

7-9 you do it, just barely: 

Ask another PC to help. If they don't, get hurt.

Tell a Truth: shameful knowledge from your Secret. Give a good hint.

10+ you do it, but how? You can Tell a Truth. Remove hurt from any PC.


If anyone guesses your Secret: you're dead. Not instantly - maybe next time you get hurt, maybe at the hands of another PC. But you can't escape alive.


To escape: Living PCs take turns revealing Secrets, fewest Truths Told to most. The others vote to redeem: each Truth is one vote. If redeemed, escape. If not, die. GM breaks ties.

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