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Phantasy Island • 2018 rpg

Maury Brown •

You're at a beach resort. The concierge hands you a scroll, revealing your special power. If you use your power, you help another in real life but lose your dream forever.

Choose a Dreamer:

*You've sought love, but remain lonely, alone. Here, you're hand-in-hand with your lover, smiling. Power: to cure chronic illness.

*You've sought autonomy, but family obligations have defined your life. Here, you're unencumbered, free. Power: to guarantee decades of financial success.

*You've sought financial stability and esteem, but it's eluded you. Here, you're wealthy and influential. Power: to set people free from entanglements.

*Your awake body is riddled with arthritis and chronic pain. Here, you're running effortlessly on the beach. Power: to remove memories of past trauma.

*You desperately want a child but it's not possible. Here, a small child runs to you joyfully, clearly your own. Power: to establish mutually loving bonds between people.

*You suffer from severe PTSD. Here, loud voices don't cause panic, you feel lighthearted. Power: to give fertility and healthy children.
Meet each other and explore Phantasy Island. Tell each other your dream or obstacle. Choose whether to use your power. 

Everyone will awaken in 1 hour, their powers lost.

Author Comments

I’d like to thank folks at the Living Games Conference and friends for encouraging me to write one. 200 words is … not a lot.

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