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Justin Andrew Mason •

In the video game universe, only the bravest heroes shall triumph! 


A deck of playing cards and three coins with heads and tails sides are needed. 
This is a cooperative storytelling game. One player is the DIRECTOR who creates the plot and stage for the story. Other players assume the roles of characters in an 8-bit video game world and take turns acting out their part. 

The KISMET mechanic decides the outcome of story-altering decisions made by characters. 
The player shakes all three coins in their cupped hands then tosses them to the tabletop.  A player can make one KISMET toss each turn. 

* 1 head = failure without consequence. 
* 2 heads = success. 
* 3 heads = heroic success. 
* 3 tails = utter failure with consequence.

Stories are set into stages of about 10 actions per player. At the end of each stage players draw one card and add that number to their SCORE.  Face cards count as 10, Jokers count as 20. For each 20 points added to total score, players get one REPLAY that can be spent to redo any KISMET toss.

At the end of the story, any remaining REPLAYS can be saved for the next story. 

Author Comments

Use your favorite retro 8-bit video game for story and character theme ideas. Mix and match!

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