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Market Magic • 2018 rpg

Naomi Bosch •

A window shopping RPG for 3+ players
You are apprentices to a powerful, picky magician. Each of you hopes to present them with an unusual magic item, earning their favor. Name the magician, and each suggest a word or phrase describing their tastes. These insights into your choosy employer will guide and restrict your search.
Gather in an eclectic shopping venue, either physical (thrift store, antique shop, flea market, farmers market) or digital (craigslist, Etsy, eBay). Set a time limit and meeting place, then disperse on your arcane search for the perfect gift.
Return to the group to share pictures of your magic items. Describe how you hope your item's power and form will appeal to the magician. Voice comments, questions, and concerns about the other apprentices' items. Build on each other's descriptions to expand your shared vision of your employer, and of your relationships as apprentices.
Vote for your favorite item (besides your own) by pointing to its finder. Multiple winners are allowed. Losers describe how their items malfunction or backfire when the magician uses them. Winners describe a secret additional power of their item, which delights the magician.

Author Comments

Many thanks to my fellow game designers and playtesters at RPG Workshop Seattle, who happily browsed Etsy and explored a thrift store with me in order to test out Market Magic. Your creativity and support gave me the boost I needed to write and share my first game.

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