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Heist! • 2018 rpg

James 'Thor' Brewer • no link

A game about fighting the clock and reaching objectives.

Go to your local.
Get the first round, steal the comfy seats.
GM is designated driver. Buy them soft drinks.
Remember to have a laugh.

Talk setting, characters, silly voices, the mcguffin, why you want to steal it, where it is.

Get the next round and some shots, GM preps. Plan only a few scenes.

Take turns. Clockwise. Take an action, sip your drink. No take backsies. When your drink runs dry, you can't take actions. 

Scene ends when drinks are empty. Go get the next round.

The GM can call a break. In a break, don't sip your drink after taking actions.

The GM can call a crisis. In a crisis, you're under immediate time pressure. Everyone else drinks until you finish describing your action.

The GM can call a panic. In a panic, do shots.

The game ends when you get away with the mcguffin and players finish with describing their retirement. Grab a celebratory round.

For the GM-

Crisis! if
Drink spilled
taboo word
game too slow

break! if
Getting food 
Food arrives
Loo break
Narrative time

Panic! when
Plot too simple
Awful joke

Author Comments

The classic RPG/Drinking game hybrid design space.

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