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A Time for Change • 2018 rpg

The Queen Robert •

It's a nuclear wasteland and you're tasked to find salvation.   With only worthless change in your pocket with no value other than powering the TIME MACHINE.
Do you have properly dated coins to:
Correct 2012 election; Obama defeats Romney = Trump uprising (2012 quarter)
 1963 Kennedy assassination (1963 dime)
Something personal to make world more tolerable: PROM NIGHT (1995 penny)
Choices are yours, but TIME is running out.
Players get specific amount of change (date of coins limit time travel access) to contribute to 4 attributes. 
Power: 53 (2 quarters, 3 pennies)
Speed: 45 (1 quarter, 2 dimes)
Intellect: 41 (1 quarter, 3 nickels, 1 penny)
Willpower: 25 (2 dimes, 1 nickel) 
THE BANK (DM) sets difficulty level between 1-4 for check.
 Player chooses attribute to handle check and flips corresponding coins. 
Heads up: successes, tails: neutral.
 All heads = Ultimate Success. 
All Tails = Critical failure. 
Value on heads up coins equal value of damage. 
Other players assist by loaning coins from corresponding attribute. 
Once money spent; takes time to reacquire. (.10/hour). 
Opposing skill challenges; both sides flip, attacking side(heads) versus defending side (tails). Most face up coins win, if tied higher attribute wins.

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