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Why Can't My Hippo Fly Too? • 2018 rpg

Lisa Franke • no link

~6 players-ish

Gather zoo animal figures and one human figure (total figures = # of players), as many D6s as there are players, half as many D4s, and one D20 (for the human).

Every player takes one random figure and one random die. 

The animals smell danger. If they don't escape, they will die.
The more animals that leave the zoo, the more the human zookeeper will be punished. Even dead, they must stay.

The animals roll their die. The number rolled is the number of verbs they can use to try and escape. Be realistic for your species. 

The human rolls their D20, plus all the leftover dice. Their total number represents the number of verbs they can use to prevent the animals from escaping. Their verbs may involve using tools--anything a human can do.

Starting with the animals, they explain one verb they each want to use. Then, the human may use as many verbs as they want in response (up to their maximum). The turn then passes back to the animals to pick their next course of action. Once you're out of verbs, you may no longer speak.

...What do you mean "this isn't fair"?

Author Comments

I’m sure we can all relate to these zoo animals in some way. I know I can.

For funsies, you can substitute zoo animals vs a human for dinosaurs vs a cyborg, or something like that. Bees vs a beekeeper? Students vs a teacher? Pokemon vs a master? Subs vs a horrible dom? Whatever. If the tameness of my general-audience zoo theme isn’t your cuppa tea, be creative.

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