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Curse You, Dingus McRee! • 2018 rpg

Christopher Reed • no link

Everyone (up to 6 players!) hates Dingus McRee.  The characters hate him so much they have consulted the Internet to perform a ritual to curse him.  Did it work?  Or did they curse themselves?

The play sequence is as follows:   
Players roll 1d6.  Their number is their turn order (1=first, 2=2nd).  Ties re-roll until there are no duplicates.

The first player describes a basic, everyday task that character is performing.

The next player then describes the ritual to curse Dingus McGee and the previous character's responsibility in the ritual.

The final player then describes something that may go terribly wrong for the first player while doing their basic, everyday task.

The first player then makes a Luck roll.  To do this, the player declares a number and rolls 1d6.  If the character's declared number is no more than 2 numbers away, it means the ritual was a success!  If the declared number is 3 or more numbers away, it means the ritual was a failure and something horrible happens to the character.

Repeat for each player.  If at least half of the characters succeed, then the ritual was a success, and Dingus McRee is cursed!

Author Comments

Curse you, Dingus! CURSE YOOOUUUUUUU

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