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Memory-Keeper of Stars • 2018 rpg

Zoe Bloom •

Blank sheets of paper
A writing utensil
A flashlight

On a cloudless, clear and starry night, go out to the nearest park. Make yourself comfortable. Start counting stars. 

At each point, stop and listen. Imagine the star is communicating with you. Record the memory on a sheet of paper. Fold the paper and set it aside. Continue counting.

On the sixth star: a message of musical ferocity, lilts and grace notes and sparking defiance. 

On the thirty-second star: a message of grief - a snapshot of sadness, a loss too great to be contained in one solar system. 

On the fifty-fourth star: a message of brusque serenity - the calm before the storm, the hushed silence before the charge at dawn. 

On the seventy-eighth star: a message of rebirth - the gravity of revolution, the inevitability of change, the joy of destruction to rebuild. 

On the hundred-and-first star: a message of love - a wholeness within self that reaches out to others.

Your training as a memory-keeper is now complete. Continue for as long as you see fit. Your instincts will tell you when to stop and what deserves recording. 

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