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We can explain... • 2018 rpg

Rachel Aubertin • no link

Plays 4-7

A group of people have been stopped by the local lawman who has reports that a party matching their description vandalized a restricted area.

The players, having a completely legitimate excuse for having been in the area, ask for the opportunity to explain. They are given 3 minutes.

Play begins when the designated lawman selects the setting, sets the scene including the area and three odd facts about the vandalism, and starts a 30 second and 3 minute sand timer.

Players take turns giving the explanation, adding to the previous player's story cooperatively or uncooperatively. The 30 second timer turns when it moves to a new player, the next player must work with the remaining time. Players may only speak when they possess the timer, which may be given to or taken by anyone after at least one sentence. The lawman may interject three times, halting the 30 second timer, to ask a question to aid in their decision. 

Play ends when the 30 second timer runs out or at the end of 3 minutes. The lawman weighs who is guilty and who is free to go.

Author Comments

This game was playtested with people who had never RPG’d before, as well as more experienced players. They were all able to jump right in. It is a good introduction to RPG for beginners.

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