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Never Done - A game about young adulthood • 2018 rpg

Axel Meadows • no link

 All players play a student between the ages of 14 and 25. Players have 3 stats: body, mind, and charisma. These stats are determined by 1d6.
	Each stat has 1d4 skills associated with it, of the player's choice. A skill's power is determined by its syllable count, acting as a straight 1:1 bonus to skill check rolls. However, the more specific a skill, the fewer its applications.
	Characters have a backstory of 4 poems, one for mind, body, charisma, and general. General is freeverse, the others have a meter determined by their score. Characters also have an outfit that is described by the player at the start of the session.
 Roll 1d100 for a check, adding any bonus from a relevant skill as determined by the GM. If your roll is higher than the difficulty threshold, you pass. All actions must be described with a poem, whose mood reflects the action.

 Players have HP equal to how many words they use to describe their outfit. Weak attacks deal 1d4, medium 1d6, and strong 1d8. Players have a Body*10 threshold to hit. Attacks must be described with a haiku.

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