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Nominal • 2018 rpg

Shea Valentine •

Agree on a game theme: "80's Soap Opera with horror elements", "a western game set in a dream world".  Brainstorm until you have consensus on a theme.

Players give their character traits: 3 positive, 2 negative, 1 neutral.  Meanwhile the GM Ruminates.

As Play progresses the GM increases the number of dice ("Stakes") rolled representing escalating tension.  Starting at 0 and ending at 6.  

Anything can have traits. A trait is simply something true. Traits applied to an action can come from anywhere.

To answer questions, ("do they see it?") simply compare applicable traits and infer the meaning.
When a player declares an action: roll Fudge Dice equal to the Stakes, add to that the number of applicable positive traits, subtract negative traits.  If positive you succeed, negative you fail, 0 -> describe how things escalated add one dice and roll again.
Only the one acting rolls.

Actions can produce negative or positive traits applied to anything.

When time needs control, players pass their turn to another player until every character has acted.

A player or a GM can concede a scene at any time.  A player must concede if they have accumulated 5 negative traits.

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