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Liquid Courage • 2018 rpg

heyboots •

Obtain a pitcher of beverage and filled cups for all players. Alcohol optional (please drink responsibly). This is your COURAGE.

Discuss what DIFFICULT GOAL your group faces (a heist, conquering an enemy base, seeing a sold out concert, etc), your characters, and why you ABSOLUTELY MUST succeed.

To play, a volunteer describes a threatening COMPLICATION that stands in the way of the GOAL. Another player then describes how they COURAGEOUSLY overcome this problem and drink until the previous player decides they've used enough COURAGE to succeed. The drinker now describes the next COMPLICATION and play continues.

If the player doesn't have enough COURAGE, other players may help by pouring more beverage (from the pitcher or their own cup) into the active player's cup.  Describe how you bolster their COURAGE as you pour.

When you run out of beverage you are out of COURAGE and can no longer act COURAGEOUSLY.

Play until you meet the goal, everyone is out of COURAGE, or everyone is too drunk and rowdy to keep it together. Collectively decide on the aftermath and HEAP ACCOLADES on the most courageous player and HARSHLY ROAST the least courageous player. If you achieved the goal, celebrate with another drink.

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