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Ask & Accommodate • 2018 rpg

Jonas Richter •

1. Frame a scene in which the other players have offered you something enjoyable, but you will need assistance or accommodation to accept.

You are invited to dinner, but you need to make sure the meal won't include ingredients you can't eat.
You are asked to join a BBQ party, but you can't afford a safe way to get there.
You've received a helicopter ride voucher as a birthday present, and you need to make sure your physical needs are met.
You're offered a chance to speak at a local event, but you need help with childcare arrangements.

2. Ask the other players to accommodate your needs. Other players must try to accommodate you, and discuss options. Be respectful. Try to understand the need. Work out a solution together. 

3. Move to the next player's turn. Keep your characters' specifics from previous scenes. Just remember which character's needs are in the spotlight of the current scene.

4. Once every player has a short scene, reflect together:
Did you each get what you needed? If not, why not? Did you apologize for anything? Were you defensive? Did you need explanations? How did you feel?

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Editor/Subject Matter Consultant: Brie Sheldon

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