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(UN)LUCKY • 2018 rpg

Gustavo Martinez •

You'll need players and a Narrator, and a good story.

The Narrator will guide the adventure, and decide how many fail it's necessary to die.

Players describes their characters in a breef paragraph.

Start the game by everybody showing a number in the hands, at the same time. Divide in two groups, odd and even, whomever is in the same group as the Narrator starts unlucky, the others are lucky.

When it's lucky, your life is incredible, full of good surprises and wonderful people. You'll scape ambushes, scams and enviroment hazards. You'll never get lost. You'll escape every danger.

When it's unlucky, your life is miserable, full of problems and hateful people. You''ll be victim of all susprise attacks, traps, curses, scams and dangers. Everything bad will happen to you first.

When you can't decide the result of an action only by narrating it, play rock-paper-scissors. Narrates successes and fails accordingly.

When you get a draw, it will be a sucess for a lucky character and a fail for a unlucky one. After that, change you fortune! Lucky becomes unlucky and vice-versa!

When a player becomes lucky or unlucky as all the others, everybody else becomes the opposite.

Author Comments

This game is an experience in including external factors as machanics in a rpg

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