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Deal With The Devil • 2018 rpg

natalie •

Start with eight "chips". On four of the "chips", write down a one sentence of a cherished memory. On the other four, a trait you hate about yourself.

Play a hand of blackjack with your friends. You bet with your "chips" - when you bet with a "chip":
 - Tell the story of your cherished memory
 - Say why you dislike that trait in yourself

When you bet with someone else's "chip":
 - Tell the story of their memory, but change something important.
 - Say why you dislike that trait, but for different reasons.
It's yours now.

The cap per round is two "chips".

When you have traits from other players, you must act in accordance with that trait. When you lose traits, you may no longer act in that way.

When you have memories from other players, you may access their knowledge of that memory. When you lose memories, you can no longer remember what you once treasured.

When you win back a memory, it's no longer the same; when you bet with it, change something important.

When you win back a trait, you're no longer the same; when you bet with it, give a different reason for why you hate it.

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