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Spelling Sorcerers • 2018 rpg

Wyvy •

Players are Sorcerers chanting spells around a cauldron, to enchant a delicious or powerful item, such as the last snack in a packet or the last drams of a fancy drink.

The Sorcerer who contributes most to the enchantment wins it, however: each Sorcerer must not commit any magic taboos.

Sorcerers gather at a table or circle, and begin by uttering a Spell, (after writing it down and hiding it from themselves) which becomes their Magic Name.

The Sorcerer with the longest Name begins by uttering a spell. Before five seconds pass, the player to their left does too. 
Play continues widdershins until only one unbanished Sorcerer remains, who correctly recites their magic name, in order to finish the enchantment. If they cannot, Banished sorcerers return, and play continues as before.

If, during enchantment, a Sorcerer pauses or utters an invalid Spell, someone may accuse them of committing magic taboo.

After up to a minute of debate, the circle must come to a consensus, voting to annul the charges, Banish the defendant, or Banish the accuser for defamation; Banished players may not contribute to enchantment.

(A Spell is a contiguous sequence of phonemes that contain nothing previously said by anyone)

Author Comments

i only just found out this is a thing today on the morning of the deadline! but i came up with an idea and dropped everything to get it ready to send in. Hope y’all like it. I suggest that sorcerers put on a wizardly voice when playing, and make lots of silly hand movements.

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