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Goo-goo Ga-ga • 2018 rpg

Jason Louis Feldstein •



You are content.

Suddenly, bright lights! Loud noises! Rapid motion!

It's cold here! Where are you? What's going on?!?

Ugh, another loud noise!

Wait. It's coming from your own mouth. You're screaming.

It's too much. You don't like it here.

Huge, steady hands grasp your body. This new room is strange, white, but more temperate. 

Gentle hands hug you to their warm body. Tasty liquid enters your mouth. You swallow.

For a moment, you feel content. You like this person. They make you feel safe.

The other set of hands is back. They take you to a different room. Now you are in a box with clear sides. You have your own blanket, but feel very lonely. Where is the friendly person with milk? 

Through the clear walls, you see others your size. Maybe they can tell you where you are, or why big people here keep little people in boxes.

You need a 4 to successfully take action.

Roll 1d4 (+1 if no nurse nearby) to move.

1d6 to read another baby's thoughts.

1d8 to cry. Maybe you can summon someone.

Sleeping requires no roll.

+1 bonus to one action after feeding / sleeping.

Author Comments

This idea just kind-of popped into my head after a great experience at Living Games Conference 2018: what about a RPG about what it’s like to be a (very) pre-verbal newborn? Someone at the con mentioned this challenge, and I was glad I still had some time to enter.. Since actual newborns are very limited, I gave them telepathy, but only with each other. It was a lot of fun to think about how the world might seem to a brand-new human.

What might a baby say to another baby? How effective is crying to get what you want from adults? When will you see your parents again? Could a newborn really escape an incubation room with enough determination?

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