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Cocktail Barbarians • 2018 rpg

Cal Wilks •

You are all Barbarians, empowered by the spirits of the land through traditional Shamanic Alchemy from the Cocktail Mountains.

Get a lot of different bottles of spirits together, as well as a few mixers and weirder stuff. The more the merrier. Get a scrap of paper for each ingredient and write a cool barbaric verb for each Spirit and Adjective for each mixer. Use the basics, like Punch, throw Lightning Javelins, and Argue.

Each Player comes up with their own Barbarian with a cool name, maybe even a personality beyond shouting.

Starting with the person who brought the most booze, each Barbarian narrates a scene involving an obstacle that must be overcome by one of the other Barbarians. One Player then alchemically assembles a cocktail from the available drinks, then combines  the cards into saying how  his Barbarian defeats the obstacle. Note what was in each drink.  That player now starts describing a new scene. If there's a teetotaler, they can stay as narrator.

Keep this going until the story feels finished or it's a health risk. The Barbarian who drank the largest variety of Liquids becomes the new Chieftain.

HARD MODE: Only bring a small amount of each drink.

Author Comments

Unfortunately the mechanics don’t allow the use of the pun ‘Beerbarians’ but there’s always next year

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