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Zombies in Hell • 2018 rpg

Jim E. Morrison • no link

Hell is a dark reflection of the living world, only with zombies. You're dead, but not a zombie ...yet. Avoid demons. Flee to the wastes. Gather resources. Stake a claim.


Everyone make a separate character/group. Share spotlight. Let conflict emerge. Worldbuild together. Rotate GMing. 

GM gets a deck of cards. Each player gets a hand of ten to represent resources: steel (spades), souls (hearts), safety (diamonds), zombies/the will not to be a zombie (clubs). Make the resources specific. Declare one thing renewable and one thing you're missing. Everyone different. Trade, steal or forge to get what you need.


Conflicts: Agree on big-picture stakes and goals. Narrate fiction each time you:

* Lay a card face-down: to show/risk what you got;
* Turn a card face-up: to take action with it;
* Take a face-down card back: to withdraw it;
* Take a face-up card back: to de-escalate or mitigate (the fiction/opponent permitting)
* Resolve what's down: only when there's no other choice.

(No strict turn order: be fair and use the fiction.)

High poker hand wins. "Winner" burns half of what's still down. Loser loses all of what's still down. Winner narrates it. Re-draw hands with updated resources as fictionally established.

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