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. . . Comes Great Responsibility • 2018 rpg

Dylan Ross •

2-4 players, No GM.

You each suddenly gain superpowers from an "incident" moments ago. 

As you discover and learn to use your powers, you'll get better. In the meantime, you'll create chaos and consequences.

Where did the incident happen? (e.g. laboratory, cruise ship, operating room)

What was the incident? (e.g. meteor strike, radiation leak, handling artifacts)

What is your power? (e.g. flight, speed, invisibility, telekinesis) 

Start the Story:
That incident just happened. How do you react? Each describe how you accidentally discover your power and what consequence was set in motion as a result.

Deal with Consequences by Using Your Power:
You start at Level 1. Choose when to use your powers, say what you want to do, roll d6, and compare to your level. 

Under = success
Equal = success, gain a level
Over = add a new consequence, gain a level

Decide What Happens:
All players can suggest consequences, but the player rolling has the final say. Consequences should move the story forward, make them more severe at higher levels. 

End the Game:
Once all players reach Level 6, resolve any loose ends, and then end the game when everyone agrees there's nothing left to do.

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