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The Word for the World is... • 2018 rpg

Caroline Berg •

Each player represents a different race and takes five blank notecards, putting a single made-up word on each card and their race, such as: Vrellin - Elvish. 

Everyone selects one word to keep, passing the rest to their left.  Continue to pick words, passing the rest, until each player has five words.

Players write definitions for each word they have. Example: Vrellin - A period of light before dawn when birds sing. 

Players select one word to keep, passing the rest to their left, continuing until they have another set of five words.  This time write the origin of the word under the definition.  Example: First used by the Silvinari Elves of Everwood Forest.  

If playing a different race, such as Kobolds, the origin looks like this: Loan word, first used by Duskhold Kobolds, later adapted by Elves for the poetry it invoked.

Again, players select one word to keep, passing the rest to their left for a final set of five words. This time, determine if each word is obsolete, still in use, or newly coined.

Once the last word is determined, read all the words, sharing the linguistic history of the world as told through the races who live there.

Author Comments

A cooperative storytelling game of building a shared dictionary.

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