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Super Clash Mini • 2018 rpg

Nicholas Fletcher •

Super Clash Mini is a superhero RPG. Each session plays out one issue of a superhero story.

Character Creation:
Assign 6 points over Force (strength, endurance), Grace (speed, coordination) and Brain (intellect, perception); max 3, min 1.
Choose 2 superpowers (subject to GM approval).

Stat Checks:
Roll 1d6 per point in matching stat +1d8 if you have matching power. 
If you have an advantage, +1d8.
Dice showing 4+ are successes. Hard tasks need 1 success; extremely hard tasks need 2.
For opposed checks both roll; most successes win. Ties go to the active player (attacker, searcher, etc).

Characters take turns in a random order. Each turn, do one thing (move, attack, give advantage).
When attacking, roll an opposed check. If attacker wins, defender takes 1 damage.
Damage reduces a stat (defender's choice); 0 Force means knocked out.
5 minutes rest removes all damage.

Character Advancement:
Each issue completed gives 1 XP. Pay XP equal to a stat to increase it by 1; pay XP equal to your number of superpowers to gain another one.

To create an NPC, just assign their stats (no limits) and powers.

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