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Gentlemen Thieves • 2018 rpg

Fly •

You are a dashing and noble thief.

Describe yourself. Embellish everything.

Use a deck of playing cards, remove the faces and aces. Cards are rooms.

Place the Ace of Diamonds. That room has The Prize. 

Place face-down cards in rows of 3 beneath the Ace.  5 rows is a good size.

Start below the last row, any column. Whoever politely refuses to go first the most, goes first.

You get one move per turn, orthogonally. 

When you move into a room, turn it face-up. Describe the danger. To move out of a room, roll 2d6 higher than the number. Rolling under is a suave failure. Regardless, gesture politely to a thief who hasn't gone this round. They go next.

You all are honorable thieves. Everyone in a room rolls when anyone rolls. Narrate how you graciously assist. If anyone succeeds, each may leave at their next opportunity.

Take The Prize by entering a room with it, or by starting your turn in a room with it. If you have The Prize and fail a roll, you still move, but drop The Prize behind. Damn.

Leave where you entered with The Prize to win. Be ruthlessly polite and politely ruthless.

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