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The Tin Woodsman's Heart for 52 Cards • 2018 rpg

Hadzihafizbegovic •

The Wizard made the Woodman a heart from sawdust and silk.

Chthonic forces conspired to clog.

PCs are uniformed Catacholamarines keeping him open.

If BOTH right and left sides have Districts that are simultaneously clogged, the Woodman dies.

Districts : GM draws card for each District's alignment.

Hearts		Vigilant.  	Open.

Diamonds	Battling.  	Half-clogged.  

Spades		Indifferent.  	Half-clogged.  

Clubs		Corrupted.  	Clogged.    

The Woodman may be dead already.

Character Generation : Draw card, in secret, for class.

Hearts		Gallipot		Look		Heal

Diamonds	Grinder		Heal		Stent

Spades		Shamus		Stop		Stent

Clubs		Gunker		Look		Harm

A Gunker's goal is to kill the Woodman.  Harm actions are declared as Heals.


Look		Learn local alignment.

Heal		Unclog one half-clog.

Stop		Cancel another player's Action.

Stent		Override Full Clog until next turn.

Harm		Clog one half-clog.

RIGHT Districts

Superior Venacava	Cows			Destructo : Gaunt, turncoat ex-top Gunker.

Right Atrium			The Daily Ticker	Lemona Draw : Editor-in-chief in vacutainer.

Right Ventricle		The Works		King Goo : Frustrated plumber.  Pipes leak man!
LEFT Districts

Inferior Venacava		Fashionbot		Prima-Donaial Soup : Hiding underneath enormous hoopskirt.

Left Atrium			Elm Noir			I.M. Yu : Deep agent.  GM takes your character.  That's I.M. now.  Create new character.

Left Ventricle			Bullet Lounge	Sparky : Predator stalking bumbling hunters.


Author Comments

I had to cut the Valve Gods for space (the oh so esoteric Tricuspid, Mitral, Pulmonary, and Aortic religions), so inhabitants as intended are more superstitious than as presented.

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